Halloween Scene
Vintage Family Record
Vintage Halloween Scene
WAHM Power!
Two Cats Painting
Cats on Bikes
Korean Cat Art
Three Good Friends
The Tiger Cat - Henri Rousseau
Kitties' Bath
French Cats on a Roof
Cats Love
Mamma Cat with Kittens
Kitten caught stealing
Kittens playing in the garden
Cat with Kittens
Geisha with Cat
Kitten Punished at School
Asian Cat Catching Fish
Cat Sleeping Painting
Cats eating crustaceans
Vintage Cat Head (Cheshire Cat)
Cats by the Fireplace
3 Jolly Kittens
Naughty Cats in the Dormitory
Vintage Girl and Cat
Cat with Mouse
Vintage Cat with Fish Bowl
Vintage Birds
Lion Fighting Snake
Across Paris
Promote Reading Print
Ambrosius Bosschaert
The Music Lesson
Vintage Owl
American Eagle
Vintage Orchids
Vintage Textures
Vintage Cabin Rug
Decorative Pattern
Flammarions Wanderer
World Map 1689
Blue Marbled Paper
Blue Plaid Pattern
Vintage Embroidered Pattern
Medieval Coat of Arms
Discovery of the Land
Wheatfield with Cypresses

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Welcome to My Vintage Cats! We hunt for beautiful vintage cat images (but not only), restore them, and turn them into lovely vintage products you can gift to someone, collect them or embellish your home with them. If there is a certain thing that you are looking for but we don't have it, you can contact us and request it and we'll do our best to make it available to you.