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Founded in 2009 Naxart’s vision extends beyond just creating and selling art. We believe that creating a contemporary living space has become more economically attainable for young professionals because of brands like IKEA providing a great selection of contemporary furniture at affordable prices. Art work, whether it is a painting, a photograph or a poster print, are an essential element of every modern space. But in today’s market it is almost impossible to find unique and affordable art that will complement an individual’s vision for his or her personal living space. We want to offer not only unique contemporary art to people who may choose to live in modern environments such as a small New York City loft or a modern family residence in L.A., but also make it affordable to them.. Unfortunately, today, we don't see many established art brands that focus on high-quality affordable art. Boutique Art Galleries are just way too expensive for most people to even consider buying artwork from. Naxart is also actively engaged with collaborative partnerships with creative professionals from various fields such as architecture, interior design, art, automotive design and photography, gathering the latest cultural trends and tastes to not only create a unique creative art mix but also represent artists who are likely to best satisfy the needs of our prospective customers and clients. Naxart is focused on finding great contemporary artists who are exploring the fields of digital art, graphics, urban art, low-brow art, illustration, photography and traditional fine art.

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"Tango art"
By Caro, 11/12/2014 about
Do you have this available for poster printing? Even at 10 x 16 in?
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