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By kervens, 1/24/2012 about
I love it. and I am a Nazaire too. but mine is from St marc
By AFROFUSION, 9/7/2010 about
By MinnieBaby, 7/21/2010 about
You know my mothers side of the family is Nazaire. I think this is by far the most artistic haitian store. I LOVE YOUR WORK.
"Your work"
By kwikil, 7/23/2009 about
Bel bagay, Nazaire! Mes compliments.
"I love your work!"
By SeGott, 11/23/2008 about
Great use of color and design.
By dactnl, 9/7/2008 about
Great work!!!
"LOVE YOUR ARTWORK: the beauty of your work comes from your soul!"
By chocolategirlapparel, 3/14/2008 about
the beauty of your work comes from your soul!
"Great globs of glowing paint..."
By MacFaux, 10/13/2007 about
electronic but living. Pieces of stained glass from the greatest cathedral sold on the side of the road. The art travels and takes you along. I will follow it.
By icunow, 10/10/2007 about
Very beautiful art.
"Awesome art!"
By hadleymonster, 9/23/2007 about
"very nice gallery"
By akiliking, 8/8/2007 about
By OnyxandTopaz, 6/22/2007 about
Very Nice! I had to join your Fan Club. -max
By spraypaint, 6/15/2007 about
spraypaint likes your color schemes!
"Wonderful, wonderful!"
By Cheries_Art, 6/15/2007 about
"I am joining your fan club!"
By eblack2000, 5/27/2007 about
"Nazaire, Exquisite art"
By dequilla, 5/26/2007 about
Thank you for sharing it with us. keep creating, cheers ruth
"Great gallery!"
By codfishlady, 5/19/2007 about
You do beautiful work!
By eblack2000, 5/14/2007 about
"Cool Art!"
By ViolettoDesigns, 4/19/2007 about
By DonnaGrayson, 3/24/2007 about
Your artwork is outstanding !!!
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27 results
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