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Nevichi.. we are A brand with a wide range of colors; its professional-quality products are perfectly adapted for the woman of today. The firm additionally gives make up classes which it teaches individually or in groups, on how to make oneself up for any occasion. It stands out due to the individual attention it gives its customers, its hypoallergenic products which are not tested on animals and are kind to the environment. NEVICHI-style is clever, restless and casual. It stands out because it creates Make up fashions, doesn’t copy them; it experiments, expresses. In sum: it’s fun. The NEVICHI product range is current, high-quality, colorful and accessible. It was designed for normal women to experiment, express themselves and have fun. Why have an identity when you can have as many as you want? With NEVICHI, changing your look is as easy as taking the London Underground from Soho to Camden Town, from Portobello Road to Detroit. thanks Charles Nevichi.

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