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NobleWorks has been an industry-leader in the humor market. NobleWorks has spent the last 30 years refining sophisticated jokes and has brought those jokes to consumers primarily in the greeting card market. NobleWorks is the originator of the Talk Bubbles TM, retro look. Now, for the first time ever thanks to zazzle, NobleWorks's designs are making their way onto even more products. As this store continues to grow so will the level of hilarity. So please like us and visit us again soon. Oh, if you see a design that you like in a particular product and would like to see it available on a different product, just let us know by writing a quick review. We will make the product available to you ASAP. If you're interested in an immediately-available source for great deals on greeting cards (boxed sets and singles) for every occasion head over to http://www.nobleworkscards.com/ Happy Shopping! PS!!! - Make use you Log in, because Some of our content ventures into the PG-13 and R ratings.