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Welcome to the NOGARA store from Do the "leaders" of your company ignore the very data, facts, statistics, information, or innovative recommendations they asked you for? Is your meticulous attention to detail and passion for high-quality work dismissed as inefficient? Do you pull your hair out because you constantly have to fix coworkers' inaccuracies? We get it. After hours of effort, you emerge from your cubicle or office with your best, most accurate, most truly awesome work, only to have it greeted by barely feigned attention while emails are checked on the Blackberry Don't you wish you could do something to get "THEM" to just listen to you? Well, you can't. Because they are oblivious. Plus, they may be robots. But cheer up! NOW, with NOGARA Stuff, you can (cryptically and safely) console yourself. Soon, you will be commiserating with other Nogarans over coffee. Or over a voodoo doll. With pins. Maybe NOGARA...but we do! Ten percent of net profits (if there ever are any) will be donated to charitable organizations.