About Cathy Peek Artworks

Spray, Oregon, United States
Store opened on 1/12/2009

Store Description

I have been drawing and painting for as long as my memory allows, a gift I was born with, and am most grateful for. While I lived on the coast, for 32 years, my passion was nautical art. And my Newfoundland dog, or any dog! I moved back over to eastern Oregon a couple of years ago, and now my passion is my surrounding wildlife and animal life. I have two horses, two dogs, five cats and guinea hens, so they alone give me lots of inspiration. My neighbors are llamas, horses, sheep, and lots of deer. So never without food for inspiring my art, just time......... I do hope you enjoy your visit at my sight, and I will always be adding new work, so please come back again. All of my artwork is protected by registered copyright, and is not to be copied or reproduced in any way without my written consent.

Inspired By

painting, drawing, designing, stained glass creations