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NYC is My Muse! Here you'll find customizable invitations, posters, cards and gifts with original images of New York City. They include skyline photos of the changing colors and moods of the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, Flatiron Building and many others, as well as images from Central Park, the High Line and other locations all over the city. If you love bold, colorful, whimsical designs, please don't miss our "Psychedelic NYC" line based on our photos of New York City! Just click on the image below or the link in the menu! Store navigation note: Many items that you might be looking for appear in more than one category so you may want to use the handy store search box. For example, if you're looking for Empire State Building designs, some are found under the "Empire State Building" subcategory (under NYC Buildings & Skyscrapers), but others are found in the "Psychedelic NYC" category as well as "NYC Skyline" category.