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Hello and welcome to my gallery. Happy 2011! Keep watching. Over the next year I'll be posting a line of dog and cat portraits for shirts, cards or whatever you'd like. Enjoy!

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By ursinart, 12/2/2009 about
A Very nice gallery. Your landscapes are my favorites,
By RulanCapperStarr, 11/29/2009 about
wow. Such beautiful artwork. I'm a fan.
By naturesmiles, 10/15/2009 about
Beautiful gallery.
By artbylesliemayer, 3/5/2009 about
Wonderful paintings and illustrations, you're a talented artist.
"I like this gallery"
By mindpixels, 12/3/2008 about
Very nice work !
By sunsets67, 10/30/2008 about
Great Gallery u have here!
"Hi John"
By KingDaddy, 4/29/2008 about
Excellent work. Love it all. Peace - Mikey
"Great gallery!"
By celtxian, 3/29/2008 about
Excellent artwork. Steve
By WilliamVandenberg, 3/10/2008 about
I'm glad I stumbled upon yor gallery. There's alot of talent here at zazzle but then there's the exceptionally good talent and I'd say your on that list. I joined your f. club.
By shevinc, 2/22/2008 about
Love the Kestrel and the Bald Eagles. Those scratchboards must have taken quite a while to do. Great job.
"I love the banner"
By lisawilliamsgifts, 2/15/2008 about
and nice gallery
By LorrieM, 2/5/2008 about
I decided to venture out and look at more galleries and I've been finding some real good ones! Yours is just awesome! Love your paintings! I joined your fan club! Lorrie
"Very Nice"
By WanderLinArts, 12/6/2007 about
Beautiful Paintings - thanks for sharing them
"very nice! I love your seaotters! "
By DakotaJoan, 11/8/2007 about
wonderful Gallery - hope to see lots more!
"What a fabulous art!"
By Lidusik, 11/2/2007 about
Absolutely amazing, deep 3-d looking paintings. I had such a pleasure viewing your work! Bravo John!
"Hi again, John!"
By Donamaria, 10/27/2007 about
Thank you for your comments on my artwork - they are greatly appreciated. Your art reaches me on so many levels. I've added a link to this gallery on my website and will also do so on my other gallery (artisticsoul) since that one is specifically dedicated to "fine art." You give me the "Ahh Haa's" when reviewing your site.
By WildThings, 10/27/2007 about
Thanks for the nice comments..........Walt
"writing back"
By stucker111, 10/26/2007 about
Thanks for the compliment! I love the Willamette Valley! Have a great weekend! . . . from a fellow Oregonian.
By WildThings, 10/24/2007 about
I have created a link from my gallery to yours. I hope people will use it to find you. Your a wonderful artist.
By oldgraphite, 10/23/2007 about
Thanks much Donna, Don't be like me just be yourself! I've looked at your site and your work is beautiful, just keep it up. The zeebra drawing is from a book I worked on and I may be restricted by a contract on it but I'll try. Others have used my drawings though so I may...
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22 results
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