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By Grey's Zoo, 6/8/2013 about
Congrats on featured item. Love your artwork!
By Zeana, 2/12/2013 about
Gorgeous Store and Artwork, Leah!!!!
By Destiny, 12/2/2012 about
Congratulations on your latest TBA! 5 ★★★★★¸.•*´¨`*.•*´¨.¸ =)¸.•*´¨`¸☀ ¸`¸☀ ¸.¸☀ ¸
By Lula Becraft, 11/30/2012 about
You have some cool art work really like it.
"Great Store!"
By Zeana, 10/4/2012 about
Love your store and designs, Leah. It makes me see how much work I must do :))
"tba on frog tile"
By Cindy Boyd, 6/8/2012 about
hey amazing store!! love the frog tile you had a tba on today!
"In total awe"
By Sharon Sims & Renee Lozen, 4/28/2012 about
(shaking head) wow oh wow,amazing.beautiful!
By Destiny, 4/17/2012 about
▬♫•*¨CoNgRaTs▬♫•*¨On▬♫•*¨YoUr▬♫•*¨T▬♫•*¨B▬♫•*¨A▬♫•*¨!!!!▬♫•*¨ Well done !!!!!! Wishing you lots & lots of sales of this cool design :)) SMILES :D
"Congrats on your TBA"
By Destiny, 4/12/2012 about
Your gallery is so fun & inviting :)) Wish you many sales :D
By LiquidEyes, 2/14/2012 about
Very cool art. I truly enjoy it all.
"Unique and Creative Art!"
By Angel, 2/12/2012 about
Looking at your work always makes me smile...
"Wow Awesome~~~ Congrats!!"
By Lana Lee, 2/6/2012 about
By Fiery_Fire, 2/3/2012 about
Wonderful and fruitful store !! very cool surreal ideas !!
"Another great one."
By Castleinc, 1/20/2012 about
By Belinha Fernandes, 1/12/2012 about
Wonderful creations!
": D}}"
By perogies, 12/19/2011 about
I'm a fan for sure. Love your trippy art and congratulations on your TBA.
By lauriebox, 12/8/2011 about
marvelous store
By D. Vader, 10/27/2011 about
Congrats on your recent TBA! Awesome store!
"Enjoy your Work!"
By C.J. Slattery, 10/12/2011 about
Quirky, whimsical and dark all at the same time.
"Nice to meet you, cool store!"
By Ronspassionfordesign, 8/14/2011 about
Congrats *•.☆.•*´☆`*•on your latest TBA! ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★!! Have a great week! Ron
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36 results
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