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Well things didn't go quite the way we hoped, but we at PalinMcCain08 are going to continue on making designs for all our fellow conservatives, the ones that are ashamed to live in a country run by Barack Hussein Obama! So through out the next 4 years we will constantly be adding new designs as well as new Palin 2012 designs! We know that half of America is upset by the out come of this election, so if your in that half, welcome home.

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By expression_love, 7/21/2009 about
I agree!
"Your Shop Is Amazing"
By Politictees, 6/11/2009 about
I think that your shop is great!
By Nikia25, 2/27/2009 about
nice stuff...
"You have some wonderful items"
By uniquenclassy, 1/31/2009 about
Good job!
By forbes1954, 11/13/2008 about
Love your site. I couldn't agree more!!!
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