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Our simple, cute and tasteful original designs are a celebration of places less traveled, or viewed in ways that are also "off the beaten path". We like to create and entertain! Additionally, we feature apparel sizes from "Small" to harder to find XL sizes -- even up to 6XL in some products! However... it's not just our desire to make (a little bit of) money, but to share any such blessings with others. :) Please note that ten percent (10%) from the royalties of every sale @ our Papiamento Designs store will be in turn donated to charitable causes either supporting "native language preservation" resources or to select childrens' and/or animal welfare charities. (We are in the process of qualifying individual agencies for consideration.) We hope to raise awareness of various groups that are close to our heart from time to time, and to provide our shoppers with the opportunity to learn more about the world around us. This is simply our way to honor a sense of social responsibility while providing resources to organizations and people in need. (A list of charities can be made available upon request for interested parties on our blog, which we are in the process of creating.) Enjoy shopping at our "one happy little gift store!" Your comments are ALWAYS welcome!