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Suburban Dad by day and a stencil graffiti artist by night. Peat Wollaeger has three young boys and a wonder wife. Drawing and painting ever since he was a kid, Peat started doing commercial art in the 90’s and continued for almost a decade, creating urban designs for such clients as Coca-Cola, R. J. Reynolds, M&M Mars, Anheuser Busch and some lesser evils. Burned out with the graphic arts scene and not creating any personal art, he started using stencils and spray enamels to reproduce his illustrations, and now it’s his medium of choice.

Internationally known for his whimsical, raw, and brightly-colored stenciled characters that include, Mr. Teeth, the Dead Fat Comedians, Albino Alley Cat, and the Luchador series, Peat Wollaeger is one hard-working artist. His work can been seen all over the globe. His Luchador room at Hotel Des Arts in San Francisco, his massive wall tribute to Keith Hairing at Art Basel in Miami, the 700,000 aluminum bottles of Mountain Dew with emblazoned with his original design, his recent exhibit in Melbourne, Australia, Peat Wollaeger's art is everywhere.

He also incorporate these characters into various viral videos that he creates to help promote his art and to help his audience understand the stencil process. You can view some of the Videos here (

See more of peats work at

UPDATE: Check out my latest work!

Electrical box....5 YEARS LATER! Doc Barack!!! from Peat Wollaeger on Vimeo.


'Jim Mahfood and Peat Wollaeger’ – Madart, St. Louis (November)
‘Obama – Art + Action’ – Toy Tokyo, NYC (October)
‘Traincar Project’ – Papa B Studio, Brooklyn NY (October)
‘Stencil History X Records’ Halcyon, Brooklyn (September)
‘Melbourne Stencil Fest’ - Yarra Sculpture Garden, Melbourne (August)
‘Luchador Collab-o-Mask 3’- PM2 Gallery, Melbourne (August)
‘Screwed-in’ RAC, St. Louis (July)
‘Electric Windows’ Beacon, New York (July)
‘Tote Bag” Open Spaces Gallery, New York (April)
‘You Love to Hate’ – Orange Space, Orlando (April)
‘Wall Ball’, Third Degree Glass (April)
‘Rusty Spring’ Thrid Floor Gallery, St. Louis (April)
‘Visually reMastered’ DDR projects, Long Beach (March)
‘Luchador Collab-o-Mask 2” Gallery on Six, San Francisco (March)
‘A.K.A. – A Bandana Art Show’ Winter Street Studios, Houston (Feb)

Primary Flight – Art Basel Maimi – Wynwood Arts District (December)
Anti-Kulture Gallery – Art Basel Group Exhibition - Miami
Holiday Show at Hoffmann LaChance (November)
‘Stencil History X’ C215, Paris, France (November)
‘1 Size/1 Prize’ Superplan, Berlin, Germany (November)
‘Vinyl Killers 5’, Goodfoot, Portland OR, (November)
‘A.K.A. – A Bandana Art Show’ Winter Street Studios, Houston (October)
‘Small Talk Show’ Beta Gallery, Orlando (October)
‘Blackbooks: Bad Meaning Good’ Bear and Bird Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, (June)
‘Hillbilly’s, Ninjas and Mexican Wrestlers’ Mad Art Gallery, St. Louis (June)
‘Luchador Collab-o-Mask 1” Mad Art Gallery, St. Louis (June)
‘Anniversary Show’ - PM2 Gallery, Melbourne (June)
‘Ultra Modern Conservatism’ The Autopsy Gallery Melbourne, AUS (May)
‘International Poster Art’, Roma Italy, (May)
‘Wall Ball’, Third Degree Glass (April)
‘Painted Rooms’ Hotel des Arts, San Francisco (Mar)
‘X-acto Mundo’ Pawn Gallery, Dallas (Mar)
23, Orlando (Feb)
‘Exploris’ Raliegh, NC (Feb)

Wooster Collective - 11 Spring Building, NYC, NY (Dec)
Urban Expressions, Warburton, AUS (Dec)
Chouteau Cho-Down, 4th Street Mural Project (October)
RAC, St. Louis (September)
File Flats, Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis (July)
Emerging Artists on the National Scene, St. Louis Artist Guild (June)
MSF Stencil FestIval, Melbourne and Sydney, AUS (May)
Blend, St. Louis (May)
Rusty Spring Show (May)
Overspray Pick Up the Pieces 2, Puerto Rican Feria de Cultura Urbana (April)
‘Wall Ball’, City Museum (February)
‘Nice and Mean’, St. Louis Center (January)

‘Vinyl Killers 3’, Zeitgeist, Portland OR, (November)
‘Propaganda 2.0’, Blue Cube, San Francisco, CA (October)
‘Overspray’, Orchard Street Gallery, NYC, NY (September)
‘SOUL-oo-zhen’, Houska Gallery, St. Louis, MO (September)
‘Pooperatus Show’, Stel’s, Boston, MA (July)
‘Streets 2k5 Festival’, New Brunswick, NJ (June)
‘Sketchel’, Semi-Permanent, Sydney, AUS (April)
‘Pearl Show’, Melbourne and Sydney (March)
‘The Metal Pig Show’, Gomi Gallery Austin, TX (March)
‘Snowboard Art III’, Streamboat Springs, CO (February)
‘Islands and Bridges’, Fifty24sf Gallery San Francisco, CA (January)
‘32 Inch Canvas’, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto And Montreal (Jan – Aug)

‘For the People’, Cell Space, San Francisco, CA (October)
‘Dead Fat Comedians’, Farrago, St. Louis, MO (September)
‘Remix Show’, Radici Gallery New Orleans, LA (August)
‘Sneaker Pimps’, World Tour (Various dates and locations)
‘Off The Street’, Common Space, St. Louis, MO (July)
‘Vinyl Killers 2’, Zeitgeist Art Gallery Portland, OR (June)
‘The Art Of Art’ 3rd Degree Glass Factory (March)

‘The Art Of Negitive Space’, Cellspace San Francisco, CA (September)
‘Stencil Pirates’ Buddy Space Chicago, IL (June)
‘Marvels Of Modern Stenciling’, Boxcar Gallery, Bloomington, IN (May)
‘The Space’, Space 1026 Philadelphia, PA (April)

Stencil History X (2008)
Stencil Nation (2008)
Blender (2008)
Overspray Magazine (2007)
New York Times (2007)
St. Louis Magazine (2007)
Headz Magazine (2007)
Village Voice – 11 Spring article (2006)
Underspray Magazine (2006)
NoTxt Magazine #5 (2006)
‘A Different Kind of Heat’, Book Cover Illustration Random House Books (2006)
‘Grab Magazine’ Rome, Italy (2006)
‘Reader Art’, Juxtapoz Magazine (2005)
‘Sketchel Book’ Southwood Press (2005)
ARTillery Magazine (2005)
‘Fmagazine’, London UK (2005)
‘Stencil Pirates’, Soft Skull Press (2004)

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