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Browse Other Zazzle Collections This amazing collection showcases America's pastime through vintage lithographs, posters and advertisements.

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"Baseball card, posters, stamps, etc."
By virgilannewilliams, 12/19/2011 about
I am very disappointed that their are no cards featuring the Negro Leagues. They are a vital and rich part of America's favorite past time. Anyone who does not recognize this is very narrow minded and uninformed. They did so many firsts, such as night games, they invented the concept of lights on the field so that they could play ball after dark. There are so many other facts, and if anyone thinks that it is degrading to the African American race to be aware of these facts is clearly living in the plantation era.
By stanrail, 4/23/2010 about
Great Vintage Products !
By VicsExoticPhotos, 1/13/2010 about
Nice store, just joined your fan club. Check out my sports t-shirts merchandise and let me know what u think. Some feedback, thanks.
"Love it!"
By RenascencePub, 12/11/2009 about
Loved Browsing thru the Gallery! I'm a fan now. You are Welcome to my Store!
By seapearls, 11/15/2008 about
Great Gallery!
"vintage baseball stamps"
By kfiarito, 4/15/2008 about
What's with all of the Chicago Cub stamps? I expected a wider variety and, I don't know, maybe a team that's one a championship in the last 99 years...?
"In response to the Negro Leagues question..."
By feedmelinguini, 4/7/2008 about
remember that these are historical documents. The relative lack of documents from the Negro Leagues reflects more about the time period from which these items were produced than oversight of the Library of Congress. They do have a lot of documents about African-American history at http://www.loc.gov/ammem . Check it out!
"Baseball and Civil War collections"
By NJNUNEZ, 4/1/2008 about
Where are the Negro Leagues? Where are the "Colored" Regiments of the Civil War?
By Babytreese, 3/31/2008 about
Where are the Negro Leagues??
"Enjoyable to browse !"
By Rebecca_Reeder, 2/27/2008 about
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