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Please visit my website. Http://www.thetintypeshop.com I am a historical and genealogical website. My primary focus has been on the Douglas(s), Blagg and Eastwood family names as well as a large number of allied lines. Please click on "Family" and then "Douglas" to view the available surname information. My History section tells a bit about the different states and how they were formed. My Church Section gives you a history of the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles. I have been a member of this church and the Cathedral Choir for over 40 years. Our church houses the largest church draw knob pipe organ in the world. We are the oldest English-Speaking Protestant church of continuous service in Los Angeles. The history books from which many of my designs were drawn are taken from books in my on-line library and my historic and/or rare book collection. Thanks for stopping by.

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By pilgrim90020, 4/3/2009 about
Unfortunately, I am no expert on this type of artwork. I just happened to have some old tintype family photos and loved them. If its on a tintype, I would guess it at somewhere around the civil war unless it was done by one of the little studios that make replicas. This may sound silly, but I would consider contacting the Antique Road Show people or possibly the Vatican since it bears their seal. Sorry I can't give you a better response.
"Religious Tintype"
By NickConzo, 4/2/2009 about
This tintypehas been my grandmothers home since the 20's. It has a papal seal (image) in the lower right corner. Can you provide any information about the photo or seal. photo is large 23" x 17'.
"Thank you "
By cunningba, 1/12/2009 about
for stopping by my gallery and joining my fan club. You have a beautiful gallery here. I'm a 90027 boy myself - graduated John Marshall High School in 1966. I grew up on Melbourne and Kingswell Avenues, near the KABC studio. You might be interested in my mother-in-law's website, ;ethelingalls.com, on her line of the Douglas family.
By delaine31, 1/2/2009 about
Wonderful gallery!!! Happy New Year!!!
"Wonderful imagination"
By mindpixels, 11/25/2008 about
I enjoyed your gallery
"Hi there Katie! Thank you for joining my fan club and welcome"
By dequilla, 1/12/2008 about
to Zazzle. cheers ruth ;D
"Welcome to zazzle"
By artbyjolyn, 12/14/2007 about
Thanks for the join, and funny comment on my Walt Shirt, Love your images
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