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Safety Geeks: SVI a Streamy Award nominated and LA Webfest Award Winning internet comedy stars David Beeler, Brittney Powell and Tom Konkle present a selection of shirts, hats and a sexy calendar. Now Safety Geeks: 3D won the Best 3D series or Pilot Award at the 3DFF Film Festival in Los Angeles. It is an Internet comedy series using live actors in an all-green screen environment with miniatures. It is a "procedural" comedy in that it takes the popular new genre of procedural investigations as a peg on which to hang the Adult Swim like craziness of their world. According Pith-e Productions principle producers Tom Konkle and David Beeler, the show plans to use miniatures to create 100 percent of its sets, much like last year’s “300” did to fashion the Battle of Thermopylae only this time with frankly, much sillier wigs. A trailer for the first Monty Pythonesque Sin City can be seen at the show website Safety Geeks: SVI starring Dave Beeler as Reginald Syngen-Smythe, Tom Konkle as Budwin Yaker and Brittney Powell as Dr. Randi Minky chronicles a CSI-like safety team which investigates Darwin Award accidents, leaving a swath of comedic chaos and destruction in their wake. The show is a live-action, innovative half-hour program that combines the familiar form and structure of investigative shows with the fresh anarchic free form of Adult Swim while drawing on the dryness of British humor, yet with a more "in your face" American feel and lots of good visual gags. Also there are items for sale from their films artwork and series pics including their show with the hot, funny, actress Brittney Powell!.

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