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Silence has a feeling to it that we each experience in different ways.

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"Different Versions of products"
By pjhenry5, 2/8/2007 about
sorry for any confusion the version numbers may cause anyone. I uploaded several products before joining as an associate member and once created - products cannot be edited. So to add the URL of this page to the backs of the notecards, I had to re-create the card with a different back. Once I upload all the modifications I will send in a request for the older versions to be deleted. PJH
"Hi Pam"
By KRWDesigns, 2/7/2007 about
thank you for the lovely compliments you just left on my gallery wall. I'm flattered that you like my work enough to pass on the URL (she said blushing) Also, thank you for joining my fan club. I am very happily joining yours as well. I meant to when admiring your Neon Dreams the other night, but Zazzle was being uncooperative. Hope to see you around!
By emmatom, 1/14/2007 about
I would have rather bought postage with a picture of the Catus Cross on it.
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3 results