About The Official PMS Clan Store!

San Antonio, TX, United States
Store opened on 11/16/2006

Store Description

Pandora’s Mighty Soldiers (PMS Clan) is the world’s largest multi-platform online female gaming group on Xbox, PlayStation and PC platforms. Unlike many clans, the main focus of the PMS clan is not just to play their best; our mission is to provide a fun and positive environment to other female gamers, while maintaining competitiveness, fairness, and respect in clan matches. PMS boasts over five hundred female members, across various platforms and games. PMS also has an active international division, based primarily in the UK. Our clan differs from other gaming clans in that it does not discriminate between gamers based on skill or even location – any female can join. They are only screened for attitude and dedication. Our top players have compeated along side the best PRO players in the industry, and we have placed top 8 at World events like CPL, WSVG, and CGS. Currently, we have active divisons in Halo2 (Xbox), Ghost Recon AW(Xbox 360), Dead or Alive4 (Xbox360) Progect Gothem Racing (Xbox 360), Call of Duty (Xbox 360) Counter Strike 1.6 and Source (PC), Quake 3 and 4(PC), War of Warcraft (PC), Final Fantasy (PC), Second Life (PC), Socom (PS2 and upcoming Ps3). We also house a casual division for all other games that we do not have enough female players to make active divison (an active divison must do at least 4 practices/raids a week with team members). The Casual Divison also does community events on handhelds like DS, Poker, Puzzel Games, Arcade Games, and so on. In the attempt to recognize males that have supported females in gaming, PMS created the title of H20. This title can be given to any two male members by each female PMS member, as a way to recognize their friendship and support of one another. Later, PMS launched the H20 Clan as a counter-part male clan, and those members go through the same recruitment process as the women. H20 members typically try to raise the industry’s awareness of female consumers, and support and compete along side PMS members at events or competitions. One of our 2007 initiatives is to start supporting some of the PRO H20’s in tournament action. All members go through a recruitment and orientation process before they are given member’s rights. We take pride in screening our members for best attitudes and behaviors, and monitor them regularly to make sure our image is fun, but respectful. All members are required to sign our handbook, which outlines our history, rules, and codes of conduct. We promote only those who are the best examples of behavior into leadership roles, which has helped us become the success we are today.

Inspired By

Much of the artwork you find in this store is purchased from Artist within the PMS community. PMS owns all liscenses to anything in this store and have full rights on them. Our featured artist is is Pinkuh PMS who designed the Pandora's Box logo image with more coming from her soon!