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PROBED:signals is a new sci-fi web series playing exclusively at . If you're looking for the full season DVD with bonus content, click here . Carter Fox, a young college student, is no stranger to paranormal events. As if reliving a close encounter through his dreams wasn't haunting enough, he now believes that someone is watching him, and it may be connected to an unearthly broadcast signal that he has suddenly discovered. His new friends may be able to bring him closer to the answers... or to something more dangerous. You can get a piece of the series here with items featuring your favorite characters and the series' insignia. Almost every item can be customized to your liking or purchased as-is. Keep an eye on our COUPONS to grab a great deal, too. Also, become a fan of our page on Facebook . tHe SigNaL iS aMoNG uS...

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