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I created this store because there is a group of commie radicals out there that only wanna smash stuff and yell bad words that our children shouldn't hear, we need to whine slightly louder and send a bit more money and just hope and pray that "those people" (I cannot actually mention them but you know the rap people and those lazy ones who jump the border) don't move next door and steal my Range Rover otherwise how will I go out and buy my bottled water and make these shirts to help those kids who need jobs! I once was one of the commie radicals but now I have grown older and wiser, but if any of those commie radicals come near me I will have them arrested, I love my starbucks and my cell phones and these radical commie terrorists won't take that away from us, so lets turn on pbs and read The Nation and write a letter saying we are proud liberals! STSIRORRET LAER EHT ERA YEHT .LAREBIL EIPPUY A YLLAER TON MA I YDORAP A SI EROTS SIHT

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