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This is a colorful mix, of urban sometimes funny gifts. It features some of the funky, characters from my book. Some of the characters in the store are featured, in my book in progress; Tales& Myths of the Innercity, I am proud to announce my new creation, he "calendar/book". It's called Urban Tales, a collectors' item. A new 2013 wonderful calendar, with my drawings and excerpts from my stories.. It's sure to be a great gift. It features fictional stories based on me, growing up in Oakland,California. Check out my ipod designs! If you want something different, you can make your own using the widget, and uploading your own photos or images! Some of my characters, are featured in my blog: http:www.writing.com/authors/rixxie/blog, or http://Qmarpat.hubpages.com If your looking for fancy or nice business cards, check out my other shop: www.Zazzle.com/Sazzleq. You can upload your own picture, and make them the colors you choose, they are about, $20.00, for 100! Thanks for stopping by my store! Hey! How about some really cool one of a kind flipflops? Tell them I sent you for a bonus. http://www.flipflopfrill.com. Happy Valentines Day -Get her or him something nice... If you're looking for somecool inespensive Disney products? Mickey and all his friends - check out their latest designs, log onto this site: http://www.Zazzle.com/Disney?rf=238354836076390706

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By Whimsy Art Design, 11/30/2012 about
cute designs, lovely shop
By JoAnnHayden, 11/26/2012 about
Coming through to check out your zazzle holiday line-up. Fabulous as I knew it would be. Merry Christmas, from one of your fans
"Thanks Fans!"
By Qmarpat, 10/30/2012 about
Thanks to all my fans!! I support your creativity, too!!!1
"Thanks Fans!!"
By Qmarpat, 3/5/2012 about
Thanks for all your support, I appreciate you! I like your stores too!! Please check-out, my new store, I'm working on: Funkee Expressions
"Thanks for the join. :)"
By nopolymon, 12/19/2011 about
I'm a fan. Best wishes..... :)
"Thanks New Fans!!"
By Qmarpat, 12/19/2011 about
Thanks, for all the nice compliments!! Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads-check out my,"Big Daddy!" shirt, wouldn't you guys look cool buy the pool, in it! Ha-Ha-ha-ha-ha!!!
By connieszazzle, 12/19/2011 about
Okay - get ready. August 6th is National Wiggle Your Toes Day! Break out your best canvas and show them off on my comment wall to share. Best design wins, well, um, an entire day of toe wiggling!!
By JoAnnHayden, 10/15/2011 about
Visiting your store always makes me smile. That is why I am a big fan. Great artwork too!
By Sean Parsons, 10/13/2011 about
'Honk if you like money!'...ha! Great!
By CDLdesigns, 8/28/2011 about
Love your designs. Keep up the good work
By Destiny, 6/27/2011 about
"For happiness one needs security, but joy can spring like a flower even from the cliffs of despair." - Anne Morrow Lindbergh
By DibbDesign, 2/7/2011 about
Joined your fan club! Really nice illustrations and funny sayings!
By CreativeColours, 12/14/2010 about
★ *☆⋰˚★✴⋰˚★⋰˚★ ☾★*☆⋰˚★✴⋰˚★⋰˚★ ☾ *•.¸☆¸.•*☆`*•.¸☆¸.•*´☆`*•.¸☆ Just swinging by 2 say HI & 2 wish you ALL THE BEST in your Zazzling & TONS of sales for this upcoming year!!!!! Շɧαɳӄ ўσʊ 4 being in my fan club!!! Smiles, Chantelle ★ *☆⋰˚★✴⋰˚★⋰˚★ ☾★*☆⋰˚★✴⋰˚★⋰˚★ ☾ *•.¸☆¸.•*☆`*•.¸☆¸.•*´☆`*•.¸☆
By KKeleyArt, 5/19/2010 about
Wonderful gallery! I love your creative artwork and design. Wishing you much success with your art and your writing. Congratulations on your book! All the best, Krisi
By HANDPRINTS, 5/14/2010 about
Love your store! I'm a fan. :) ~val
"Found you on linkreferral. Your Gallery is looking great!"
By RavenSpiritPrints, 5/13/2010 about
Warnest wishes for much success on Zazzle! Skye :o)
By Qmarpat, 5/9/2010 about
I want to take the time, to wish ALL the mothers' who are customers, and Zazzle shop owners: Happy Mothers Day!!!!! Do something nice for yourself!! May 9, 2010
By lovescolor, 5/2/2010 about
Thanks for your comment on my graduation thank you card! You have a nice gallery!
"great stuff!"
By kobifashion, 4/9/2010 about
Great stuff! You have some really cute stuff going on here!
By Qmarpat, 4/4/2010 about
Thanks-eveyone, I'm glad you like my shop. I like, all of yours, I've paid visits, to all who joined my fan club. Thanks!!
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