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Rabbit Bunnies features two adorable lop eared rabbits called Ollie and Pikachu. Follow their mischievous adventures as they run around, celebrate birthdays and jump for joy. Ollie is a cute little boy rabbit who just loves to play. He is ginger and white and is also very shy. He likes exploring but only after Pikachu has shown him that it's safe. He is a rabbit that loves to be cuddled. Pikachu is a girl rabbit and is Ollies sister. She has black and white fur and looks just like her mom. She can be very naughty as she likes to get into small places andloves finding new things to play with or push over. You can wear these cute bunnies on a T-Shirt, cap or even as birthday cards. We plan to keep uploading new cute pictures of them both for any occassion. Please check out all our designs and come back often to see what they have been up to next. Rabbit Bunnies!

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