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"I love your designs!"
By Vega, 7/12/2012 about
I wish you luck through out the rest of 2012! Your store is fantastic! -Vega
By continuous_gifts, 2/8/2011 about
Great character designs! Best wishes with your store!:)
"Hello from a new fan"
By Andy_Z, 12/16/2010 about
Greetings from Andyland - I just wanted to let you know how much I am digging your store. Thanks, and hope you have a great holiday season! <br>Sincerely, <br>Andy Z
"Wonderful illustrations."
By silvianeto, 12/2/2010 about
Love your designs, they are great!! Best wishes, Sílvia.
"Have a gr8 Thanksgiving!"
By Debsgr8biz, 11/25/2010 about
By captphrank, 9/11/2010 about
WOW! I love your Characters! Very different and Refreshing... Your Fan...Capt Your in MickeyElvis128 Fan Club. She has an interview at El Zzaz Magazine you might be interested in <a href="http://www.boopies.com">El Zzaz</a>
By BlackOwl, 8/2/2010 about
nice color
"Thank you so much for joining my fan club!"
By lovelygirls, 5/13/2010 about
Your gallery is SO cute!
By Rfarrelldesign, 4/25/2010 about
Thanks for joining my fc, love your stuff.
By BodyEnglish, 4/25/2010 about
Thanks for joining my fan club Rachel! Your shop items are very cute!!!
"She's a sweety :)"
By Rachel_Donne, 4/20/2010 about
I hope to have a new image up this week!
"Thanks very much!"
By Rachel_Donne, 4/11/2010 about
I always appreciate the feedback ^_^
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