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"Rainbow Warriors" Womens T'Shirt
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"Rainbow Warriors" Womens T'Shirt
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About this product
Style: Women's Basic T-Shirt
<p>This basic t-shirt features a relaxed fit for the female shape. Made from 100% cotton, this t-shirt is both durable and soft - a great combination if you're looking for that casual wardrobe staple. Select a design from our marketplace or customize it and unleash your creativity!</p> <p>Size & Fit</p>
  • Model is 5’10” and is wearing a small
  • Standard fit
  • Fits true to size
<p>Fabric & Care</p>
  • 100% cotton
  • Tagless label for comfort
  • Double-needle hemmed sleeves and bottom
  • Imported
  • Machine wash cold
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About this design
"Rainbow Warriors" Womens T'Shirt
“ Rainbow Warriors” Copyright Hayley Mawson Roberts 2010. Medium: Prismacolor pencils on black pastel paper Channeled message with artwork: We are all connected, many of you living now were born Rainbow Warrior’s of the light, you were born with the memory and the knowledge that you have come with a special purpose, the sole purpose of helping with the restoration of the heart based, unity consciousness upon mother earth, in your own beautiful unique way. In times gone, just a few generations ago, we each would of been held respectfully within our indigenous tribes. Tribes of the four directions, red, yellow, black and white, where the rites of passage and initiation were inherited, to live from the land with heart connected. Sadly much of the knowledge has been lost, for many people it has been snuffed out and wiped away, through evolution and the passages of time, and with this for many a deep longing replaced. Sorrow can be felt, it is sweeping out amongst our young generations around the globe creating unrest for many, there is a loneliness and hopelessness present, that can only be healed by truly being seen, nurtured and respected as important and needed individuals in our communities. The tools have not been passed, for many different reasons. Every generation is feeling the longing, this longing is for the return to a balanced and heart based respectful living for all people, animals, respect for the natural world, respect for our mother earth. To walk in harmony reconnected and supported, each knowing that we are not alone, we are family… And now there are many who have come to reconnect the dots!!!!! A person appears in the center of the artwork, neither male nor female, it appears to be androgynous. This figure represents both male and female energies, the duality that exist in each of us as human beings, this current time on earth, both the divine feminine, divine male are seeking to be awakened, aligned and rebalanced. The face is divided into four colours, each representing mother earths people from the four directions red, yellow, black and white, the original tribes from which every one of us originates from, tracing back through our ancestral bloodlines, and now through the melting pot of time and evolution, we are becoming one tribe “the rainbow tribe”. Look closely and you will see the iris of the eyes, contain all the colours, greens, blues and browns, shared by all the people and the animals too. Do you see the spear??? it rises up from the chest, where the heart chakra is flowering out, opening and expanding, running up the middle of the face, the spears head resting in the middle of the forehead, the meeting point of the left and right hemispheres of the brain, activating the pineal gland, igniting the “all seeing” third eye chakra, activating the “universal one mind” of the crown chakra , the spear represents the pathway being connected between these two energetic centers, this connecting is a process that every person walking earth at this time is in a process of activating and balancing. They are the energy gateways from which we create our own reality, heart based, unity mind consciousness is being realigned and restored upon earth. Do you see the elephant???? Its eyes are on either side of the humans eyes, its trunk runs down the middle of the face and off to the left ,with water flowing out making a river, an ear also can be seen on the left extending out from the human face, the tusks protruding out from the cheeks, the human and elephant are morphed and overlapping. The elephant is the “largest” land mammal walking this earth, they walk the ley lines, they are telepathic and communicate just as whales and dolphins do “ holographically”. Their memories span not just their own life, but they experience memories of their ancestors!!!! Their burden is heavy now, appearing in this artwork, calling each of us, to care for each other as family more than ever. If you were to close your eyes just for a moment and imagine a elephant standing before you, it lowers its head down to gently touch foreheads with you, how much power does it evoke? The elephant spirit comes to ask you to bring forth your inner power now and to stand in immense strength, and loving respect, it is time, no holding back, live each moment with the knowing of your purpose. Every step that you take now focused on peace and love through you own unique energetic blueprint is part of the shifting , cleansing and rebalance. Elephant comes to remind you now of the untold power you hold as a rainbow warriors of the light…. Rising out the top of the universal one mind, appears a dove of peace, its wings outstretched in flight, it heralds in the dawning of a new peace through the rebirth taking place. If you would close your eyes just slightly, just so they are a little blurred and gaze at the image, for just a few moments gazing into its eyes, connecting with the image. Things may begin to morph. It is YOU who helps herald in this age, it is YOU that can make and are making a change and difference carrying it out daily, by living your life with loving integrity and embracing your family and communities. It is YOU who have come to earth awakened with eyes and hearts open wide. It is YOU that is healing and lifting the consciousness of the earth and helping others to awaken and find their way too. It isYOU who must share of yourself and gifts embracing others warmly with love, it is YOU and YOUR time living on earth right now, it is YOU who is needed to make a difference. It is YOU Rainbow warrior of the light!!!!
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Artwork designed by
HMRsoul Western Australia, Australia

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"Rainbow Warriors" Womens T'Shirt

$23.95 per shirt
Artwork designed by HMRsoul. Made by Zazzle Apparel in San Jose, CA. Sold by Zazzle.
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