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Rules and Regulations, Honey Badger Fan Merch

Welcome to Zazzle Honey Badger FanMerch! Use your creativity to create and submit original designs inspired by Randall’s Honey Badger! Design submissions must be consistent with the terms below. These rules may be updated from time to time without advance notice, and all designs are subject to removal at any time.

The Inspiration!Use your creativity to create and submit original designs inspired by Randall's Honey Badger. Submit designs that show the love, and don't be a hater. Inspirational quotes:

  • "Whoa, watch out!" says that bird
  • Honey badger don't care
  • Honey badger just takes what he wants
  • Ewwwww, what's that in its mouth?
  • Oh, it runs backwards?!
  • Oh, how nasty?
  • Honey badger don't give a shit
  • Nothing can stop the honey badger when its hungry
  • the honey badger
  • "Get away from me," says the snake, "Get away from me!"
  • Look at that sleepy f@#k
  • And he passes out
  • Ewwww, it eats larvae?!
  • You think honey badger cares?
  • Look at that digging
    • Understanding the FanMerch Program:

    • Carefully read our Rules & Regulations, which include the design guidelines presented below. Be sure to take in the guidelines when you are crafting your ideas - we're looking for the best unique and original designs to share in the Zazzle community, so make sure you're putting your best foot forward — nothing rude, distasteful, mean, or otherwise objectionable allowed.
    • Think exclusive. Creating designs on behalf of Randall’s Honey Badger is a privilege, so your FanMerch designs should be utilized only within this program and nowhere else. As you'll be interacting with proprietary content, upon approval, your artwork will remain exclusive in Zazzle’s FanMerch program. Use of your artwork outside of the Randall’s Honey Badger official store is strictly prohibited.
    • Get reviewed. All FanMerch products will be reviewed to ensure adherence to the guidelines provided for each FanMerch program. Once a product is approved, it will become available for sale as part of the Randall’s Honey Badger official store.
    • Earn a royalty. For each sale of your product, you will receive a 10% royalty. Royalty Rates will be re-set if they are found to be above the allowable rate for FanMerch.
    • Double-check our guidelines. Any designs submitted to Zazzle, whether within a FanMerch program or in our public Marketplace, must follow Zazzle's Terms of Use, Non-Exclusive License Agreement andAcceptable Content Guidelines
    • Product Tags and Descriptors. All product submitted through this process must be tagged with honeybadgerfanmerch in order to become an official submission.
    • Product Allowances. FanMerch designs are limited to the products referenced with the design interface. If you create a product outside of this offering, it will be removed from the marketplace immediately.
    • FanMerch Submission Location. Use the original Honey Badger FanMerch design tool located here:

    DESIGN RULES for Honey Badger FanMerch:


    • Add the term “honeybadgerfanmerch” in your search tags.
    • Create original designs inspired by your favorite Honey Badger located below.
    • Create designs in good taste.

    DO NOT…

    • Reference political parties or candidates, drugs, alcohol, or medication, no derogatory reference to race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, mental handicaps, obesity, or physical impairment. No explicit sexual language, images, or graphics. No use of profanity, vulgarities, or hate language.
    • Use Randall's official images or logos that you find on the web - nothing trademarked or proprietary to another party can be used; no original photographs of the Honey Badger.
    • Use your designs outside of this program. Permission to use these designs is limited to this program. Do not expect any ownership of any revision or parody. All revisions and parodies become the sole property of Randall's Honey Badger.
    • Only use the term "Honey Badger" in titles, or key words to your product if you are submitting your product into the FanMerch program. If you do not want to submit into the FanMerch program, Zazzle reserves the right to delete any product bearing these key words for any reason.

    Special note about FanMerch:

    Randall’s Honey Badger and Zazzle reserve the right to remove any design for any reason, including failure to comply with the rules above. Any designs that are not submitted thru the site will be removed from Zazzle's Marketplace. Zazzle also reserves the right to re-set your royalty rate to 10% for any FanMerch submissions. By submitting FanMerch designs, you agree to these FanMerch terms, which supplement Zazzle's terms of use and may be updated from time-to-time.