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Formerly a laboratory technician-turned-home educator, Richard now spends his days juggling various art and writing projects. History, myth, legend, and folklore all serve as inspiration for his creative endeavours. He is something of a medievalist and amateur medieval historian, as well as someone deeply interested in fantasy and folklore.

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By G&C, 5/30/2014 about
Great store, Richard!
"Cool Shop"
By Ripper2009, 1/7/2011 about
By MONSTERVISIONS, 12/21/2010 about
By MONSTERVISIONS, 10/31/2010 about
"Congrats on your TBA!"
By monkeyjenn, 9/14/2010 about
"Thanks for joining my fan club"
By Heard_, 9/4/2010 about
I'm a big fan of your work! Susan
"Neat site!"
By VintageFlair, 9/3/2010 about
You have some interesting and unique designs here. Best of luck!
"Hello Richard . . . Thank You For Joining My Fan Club! I Came By To Return The Favor."
By dchaddad, 8/20/2010 about
You have a very special gallery! Diane
"Scotland The Brave"
By outlandarts, 8/11/2010 about
Hello Richard, thanks for eh kind words on my Dungeons of Doom image and the fan club start! Love your stuff and especially the Scotland the Brave image. Makes me think of the Scottish band Albannach! www.albannachmusic.com
By DeaLuna, 8/11/2010 about
Great Gallery!
By homeschool_shop, 8/6/2010 about
Thanks for your kind comments on my store. Always great to meet a fellow homeschooler! Mutual fan - love your dragon designs!
By MONSTERVISIONS, 8/1/2010 about
Thanks for the nice comments, and for joining the monster's FC, they appreciate it, and we are all mutual fans. You have some GREAT fantasy designs here, and cool medieval images!
By ccrcats, 7/17/2010 about
hey Rich, Love your stuff.
By CrystalWizard, 7/5/2010 about
:) :) I like this.
By odinwar, 6/30/2010 about
I Found Treasure Here!
"Lovely shop!"
By Nidlongdir, 6/24/2010 about
Hi, great see your new shop!
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