Bacon Unites Friends and Foes
Beware of the Ninja Cat
Words to Live By
Monkey Business
Black Sheep
(Ba)Con Artist
Eat up my Time
Shameless Male
Man's Best Friend
Do Taliban Dream of Exploding Sheep?
I Pooped Today
Walking Bread
Fried Eggy Slogans
Chicks line up to see my nuts
I love you, you old, grumpy cactus!
Will MEOW for FOOD!
Customizable Leprechaun
I'd cook but I'm afraid...
I can't bear political corectness
Join the Beer Club
Keep calm and add butter
Afraid I'll burn my wiener
Like a boss
Chicks dig me!
Valentine Who?

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We tell it as it is! Be Mr. or Mrs. Obvious with one of Rude Productions' funny and shameless T-shirts, or make a puzzling gift to a timid friend (there's always hope, you know?). And since Rude Productions doesn't claim to be holding all the great rude ideas, if you have one of your own and want to see it turned into an awesome product you could buy, contact us and we'll make it happen! Browse our designs below and find the one that screams "you".