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"sleeping with the man of my dreams"
By Kerisa, 3/1/2014 about
Please consider making pillow cases. That way I can go to bed with the man of my dreams every night. ;)
"Samsung S3"
By Delia Dupree, 2/15/2013 about
I have mugs, candy jars, magnets, shirts and hoodies.. all are exceptional.. All I need now is a Samsung S3 cover.. please consider.
By Jeanine, 11/5/2012 about
just wanted to say happy birthday tomorrow ryan
"ryan merchandise"
By judy, 10/6/2012 about
I love all the Celtic Thunder men...Do any of the others have merchandise here?? If not, can you get them in here along with Ryan!!!!!
"Ryan's products"
By Shar, 8/7/2012 about
I ordered a t-shirt and coffee mug for my daughter's birthday; fantastic both in appearance and quality. This is the place for Ryan Kelly merch! Guaranteed to please moms too!!!!
"Candy jars"
By Sissy Anderson, 8/6/2012 about
Love the candy jars! One suggestion is to not have them white - would rather it be the color of the background of the picture on it.
"New Merchandise"
By Ayne, 8/3/2012 about
Love the new merchandise but coud we PLEASE have some Ryanb in a kilt pics????
By Celtic Kate, 8/3/2012 about
OK - shopping day!
By karen kwas, 8/3/2012 about
Great new merchdise love it all, would get it all to hard to choose from just one thing. Love it all
"Looks Great!!!"
By Michelle, 8/2/2012 about
The merchandise looks GREAT!!! How to choose?
By starfire, 1/31/2012 about
How do I get aCD of messages?
By moon4515, 12/19/2011 about
Hey being I don't wear hoodies,nor drink coffee. I was thinking what would I want to buy. since I love to shop.So i would use a keychain,def use a cozy blanket, & the Irish in me haha would use shot glasses & pilsners, with In Time on them. would be perfect for me! Just thinking....
By dragongirl, 10/19/2011 about
Ryan..........so glad you're back with us. Don't ever leave us again!
"For Ryan"
By djones, 10/3/2011 about
Along with your many talents, your wonderful voice, you have awesomely wonderful eyessss. :)))))
"Awesome Ideas"
By sisterdar, 10/3/2011 about
The Calendar is a great idea Ryan. Thanks for all that you do for your fans. Safe travels on your 2011 Tour.
By bblecher, 9/20/2011 about
You really have the nicest website and products (PICTURES!) out there. Just thought I'd ask you to consider hats for my runner friends, and I never got myself one of those tote bags. Just suggestions! Thanks for all you do, and I love "In Time" over and over and over!!! bb
"new to site"
By nanalee, 9/9/2011 about
Oh Lordee, what have we here? I'll take one of each, please! Do you think my hubby would understand? Seriously, I didn't know this site was here or these items available and I've always said, "Ryan's my boyfriend." Even though I'm old enough to be his mother!
"new merchandise"
By celticthunderhead, 9/8/2011 about
Wonderful new stuff, Ryan! I am anticipating my daughter wanting 1 of each for her birthday/Christmas
"Good-Lookiing "Stuff""
By Ginger C, 9/8/2011 about
Lots of good-looking "stuff". Just in time for Christmas gift planning. Thanks!
"New Mdse."
By owen36, 9/8/2011 about
Good selection! Placed order today and will revisit, I'm sure!
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