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ANNOUNCEMENT Please buy my products. I will donate 10% money for the disable people. Please promote this message to everybody. buy unique gifts at Zazzle make custom gifts at Zazzle create custom t-shirts at Zazzle

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By jeanhar1, 12/19/2011 about
Great store! I'm a fan. Best of sales in 2010!
By Jasmine Ward, 7/11/2011 about
Thanks for the comment on my shop. Have a great week! :)
By VicsExoticPhotos, 1/1/2010 about
Great website, just joined your fan club.
By Salam_Saklain, 7/6/2009 about
thanks all my friends.
By JBPEANUT, 2/10/2009 about
Great shoes! Thanks for joining my Fan Club - I have joined your's also. Best of luck with your gallery!
By NikiRoo, 2/10/2009 about
For your very kind remarks on my gallery - yours is very nice too - I like your owls!!
By KatyCrystal, 1/25/2009 about
Thank you for joining my Fan Club and your comments on my products ! You have an interesting gallery - it's beautiful that you want to donate 10% for disabled people - I wish you good luck !
"wonderful gallery and cool designs !"
By Ratso59, 1/9/2009 about
By Soulshine51, 12/31/2008 about
Thank you for visiting and joining my fan club! I really like your gallery and your work. Well done!! PEACE!
By cavity, 12/28/2008 about
Thanks for joining my fan club, Salam! Those shoes are really lovely.
By aliciagrime, 12/28/2008 about
Awesome gallery adorable designs One million stars from me********************* i'm now a fan
"great gallery"
By Pyroraptor0001, 12/27/2008 about
I like the owl products. Please try to view, rate, and consider purchasing your favorite products! Also tell your friends about my gallery if you like what you see. Thanks for all your support!
By avisnoelledesigns, 12/19/2008 about
Thankyou for joining my fan club! Your gallery is lovely, Merry Christmas!
"Hi Salam!"
By picklelilly, 12/13/2008 about
Salam ali comb! Greetings from Pickle Lilly lovely site!
By Salam_Saklain, 10/9/2008 about
thanks all my fans.
By KirstenEdwards, 8/19/2008 about
Thank you for joining my fan club! you have a wonderful gallery here! :)
"Thank you for joining my fan club!"
By codfishlady, 8/18/2008 about
You have a nice gallery!
By LuminaArt, 8/17/2008 about
I am back to see what have you done lately?I think we all love Bengal Tiger as all beautiful thinks coming from India...and your Darling T-Shirt is also very nice.. Sunny day!
By silver60silver, 8/16/2008 about
Very nice!
By LuminaArt, 8/14/2008 about
Hello Salam, TY for visit,for Top pic slade go to products-public product-choose and mark the product, shoe,postcard etc...as you wish and choose add to Top Picks,note you can have only 3 products in this Top Picks slade....have a good day!
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