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SalleseK specializes in interior embellishments for those that want that glam appeal without the glam prices. From mousepads to wall art, invite S.K. in your home or office to create the theme or personality that best suits you! Browse other gifts from Zazzle.

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"Thanks Everyone!"
By Sallese, 1/14/2010 about
I've been in school working hard, but I didn't want my zazzle page or my fan club to feel any neglect. Send me email suggestions on the product images you love and the medium in which you'd like to see them on and I'll try my best to create them in a timely fashion for you. Thanks so much for the support!
By Alleycatshirts, 7/8/2009 about
Love your plad designs they really have a great design to them. I guarantee those are going to sell like crazy. You page is very professional, I must become a fan.
By VampOut, 4/2/2009 about
Love your Jessica Rabbit Shirt! Great stuff on your gallery! I am a fan!
By indiebabexx, 11/27/2008 about
Great designs
By Sallese, 11/16/2008 about
The images that I use are made either in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. That is why I get good res on the images. Creating them may take a long time, but it's worth it if you want to have the ability to manipulate your art to make your items look just right.
"Great gallery !"
By morris27, 10/29/2008 about
Beautiful designs and patterns !
By UniqueMystique, 9/21/2007 about
You're stuff is so cute!!!
By DonnaGrayson, 8/7/2007 about
Thanks for joining my fan club ! Love your gallery !
By KABSANNIE, 7/30/2007 about
Thank you so much for joining my fan club! I have also joined yours. You have some beautiful items in your gallery! Welcome to Zazzle and best wishes to you!
By Paddydee56, 7/29/2007 about
Fuuny you should say that Sallese ... it is always the ones you question that everyone else loves! Same here! :)
By iiiyaaa, 7/29/2007 about
Thanks for coming by my gallery! Welcome to Zazzle! Love your work and looking forward to more!
By ggbythebay, 7/29/2007 about
Welcome to Zazzle! You are off to a great start! Beautiful Patterns and Design and some great Photographs! Keep up the good work! I have joined your fan club and will be checking back to see new stuff! This is a great artist community and you will meet and make many new friends and supporters of your works! Enjoy it! Cheers!
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12 results