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Us SCANtastic chicks are all about having a little fun with QR scans. What's a QR scan anyway? Those funny little square codes that are suddenly popping up all over. They originated in Japan -- by a Toyota company called Denso Wave -- and were developed to track parts. Denso Wave has, well, waived its right to patent the code, and now the little guys are popular all over Japan, the Netherlands, and .South Korea. The US has been a little slower to pick up on them, but now that they've taken off, they're everywhere! There are some pretty serious business uses for the scans, but here at SCANtastic , we just wanna have a little fun. If you're wanting a personalized QR code -- special message, saying, whatever, drop us a line. We'll be glad to oblige, whether it be a business application or, well, just for fun. :) Actually, it does. We’ve tested every design in our store, both before and after uploading. That said, there are many factors that can influence whether or not a scan is readable: Quality, screen resolution, scanner quality, and length of message are just a few. We won't bore you with the technicalities. Quality : We use the highest quality QR images for our designs and then export the modified creation at the highest quality resolution. Plus we’ve test them, so that’s not the poblem. Screen resolution : If you have an older laptop or monitor, the resolution may not be sufficient to properly display some QR codes. Though we’d love to buy you a new one, there’s not much we can do about that. Scanner : If your phone or other scanner is older, it may not be sufficient to properly read the scan. Message : If you tried to scan both the blue and green QR codes on this page, you may not have been able to read the green one. It's an example with more text than the blue one. Try these things, and see what you can make happen: Clean the lens on your scanner/cell phone/camera. Your thumb print doesn't make things clearer. :) Turn the scanner/cell phone/camera a different way. Our HTC Incredible 'Droid didn't like that scan horizontal; it insisted on viewing it vertically. Click the images above and a larger version will open in a new window. Can your scanner/cell phone/camera read that one? Products will have larger scans, and the likelihood is that you can scan those. Take a chance. Since any products you order won't have to be read on your computer screen, you could just take a chance. If you don't like the end result, Zazzle has a 100-percent money-back guarantee. Isn't that grand? Keep in mind that contrast works in favor of QR codes. A light background with a dark QR code is best. So our designs are made with light backgrounds and the designs themselves are tweaked in their 3D-ness. If you decide to upload your own QR code, keep this in mind. Also, and this is important: When customizing our products, changing any text associated with a design doesn't change the QR code on that product. You can ask us to upload new 3D code graphics OR you can get your own here , save them to your computer, then upload them to your account (but they won't be 3D-ish, like ours). Don't worry, though, they'll still be cool!