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We're happy to create a custom 3D 2D QR code design for you! NO -- wait -- we're excited! Seriously, we are! Why? Because we love QR codes and love making customized designs out of them even more than we love QR codes themselves! Here's what we need to know get started: What message do you want to be displayed when your custom QR code is scanned? What colors do you want incorporated into your custom QR code? What products do you want to see your custom QR code displayed on? That's it! Get that information together, then click the "Send Message" link up there to the left, and pass it along to us. We'll send you a link to your new custom QR code products pronto! (Okay, it'll be within 24 hours, but probably sooner.) P.S. If you're thinking about having a website address as your custom QR code message, keep two things in mind: Short addresses display better than long ones. You should only do a website address message if the website to which you're directing people is mobile-friendly, since most people will be using their mobile phones to scan your QR code. Happy scanning! SCANtastic
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