Wine Bread Cheese Chocolate
Trailer Trash Toile
BIGOT Wash the Hate Away!
Reason for the Season
Dumpster Baby Jesus
Christmas Wasn't Fun For Mary...
Darned to Eternal Heck
God Says Quit It
Run, Mary, run!
The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Lesbians!
Holy F***!
Jim's Nuts
Unlucky in Love
Low Morals and High Demands
Flower Power
Conrad's Gift
Can We Keep Him... PLEEEZE?
Cowboy and Indian
Got Wood?
Don't Hate Me Just Because I'm Fabulous!
WPA Parodies [3 designs]
Vintage Wig Ads [3 designs]
Wishbook [3 designs]
Helga's Accessories
Bitch. Slut. I Love You.
Sleepytime Cake
Retro Housewife [4 designs]
We Have Rainbows
Horse Dinner
Mildred, The Gay Betsy Ross
Claude and Percy
Cotton Chopping Hoes
Edna's Modern Appliance
Effing Paparazzi!
Efffing Teabaggers!
Lesbian Manifesto
Li'l Butch
Bitch on Wheels
Flirt Cards [3 designs]
Too Much Johnson
Vintage LOLCATs
Tip Jar Signs [many designs]

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My Zazzle Shops: Art by Lavaguy | Seida Bacon's Bacon Bits Boutique | The Bindery | The Stationer | The Shoe Cobbler | Halloween Vintage | PhillyPride She's smart, she's sassy, and she's got the biggest hair in the state. She's Seida Bacon! The loveable southern belle diner waitress dishes up her unique view of life from the other side of the counter daily at her blog, "Bacon Bits" at ! And now she's got her own line of crap with her face & sayings & stuff on it. Order now, before she finds out we've plastered her all over the internet and has a hissy fit.

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11 results
By Derek G, 1/14/2015 about
Lots of fun products and a hysterical drag name!! Come check out my store sometime.
"BACON! pattern"
By Seida Bacon, 7/27/2014 about
Thanks, BizB. You didn't leave a way for me to contact you (your profile is empty). You should contact me via Spoonflower since that's where you saw the pattern you're interested in.
"Bacon Repeating Pattern"
By BizB, 7/27/2014 about
I found your bacon repeating pattern on spoonflower and I'm interested in applying that pattern to a unique item. Can you please contact me about sharing the digital image?
Really enjoy your store. Funny stuff.
By Kevin, 7/10/2011 about
This girl is a hot mama screamin' down the gay highway with more sexy foxy material than a drag queen who just got a million dollar gift certificate to Jo-Ann's! Rofl. I love this gurl. Halleloo!
By cheriverymery, 6/9/2011 about
Congrats on your TBA :)
"Fun store !"
By Imagination_Art_Shop, 2/19/2011 about
Love the rainbow designs !!
By allicor, 10/21/2010 about
Un beau site a nice site am a fan
By LifeArtHouse, 10/19/2010 about
Nice interesting designs you have there. Love them ! Love the picture too .
"i too like photo sculpture"
By The_MUSEUM, 9/22/2010 about
new at photo sculpture and i do very simple work ideas - but will see if i can develop more in this area
"Inspiring designs, great gallery!"
By MyWorldDesigns, 7/20/2010 about
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