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Promotional Tools
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To succeed as a seller on Zazzle, promotion is key! We have created a number of useful and powerful tools to help you increase sales and referrals. Check out each one to make sure you are not passing up any opportunities that could be useful to you.

Store Link — Automatically build a link to your store!

Link to This — HTML code that allows you to link to any product on Zazzle!

Email to a Friend — Easy link that lets you show your friends all of your great products!

Flash Panel — Instantly create an interactive flash panel to display products on your blog or website!

Blog Panel — Easy tool to show off products directly on your blog and earn referrals!

Banners — Free pre-made banner ads that you can use to earn referrals.

International Banners — Promote your store on Zazzle's international domains!

RSS Feed — Send any store, product or search term to any RSS reader or website!

Zazzle Store Builder — Showcase your Zazzle products on your existing website or create your own Zazzle Store site.

Blogs — Use your existing blog or create a new one to send traffic to you Zazzle products!

Facebook — Get a massive amount of eyeballs on your products using this viral social network!

Twitter — Quickly and effortlessly tweet your products or store and watch as others spread the news!

Forums — Find communities with interests that are similar to your own and access customers that are likely to purchase your products!

Online Profiles — Create a presence on networks and communities pertaining to your niche!

Social Bookmarking — Increase your SEO by building quick links to your products, blog, website and other online presences!

Social News — High traffic sites for special occasions or products to boost SEO!