Art-Based Designs

Zazzle products work well with many different types of art. Whether you do digital and graphic art, painting, sketching, watercolors, photography, graffiti art, or any other forms of fine art, you can find products to put your artwork on at Zazzle.

Need some guidance on which products to create with your art? Here are some products that tend to work nicely with different types of artwork:

Graphic or Digital Art

This works pretty well with any product! Put your work on everything from invitations and postage to necklaces, keychains, and mugs!

Paintings, Sketches, or Watercolors

These forms of art translate nicely on posters, iPhone/iPad cases, cards, postage, and calendars.


Photos look great on posters, cards, mugs, mousepads, necklaces, keychains, and calendars.

Graffiti Art

Works very well on skateboards, posters, iPhone/iPad cases and t-shirts.