Niche Designs

Designing for a niche means choosing a category or theme and focusing your designs around that subject. This is an easy way to see high levels of sales because you are creating products with a specific customer already in mind. The list of niches is nearly endless, so once you feel comfortable designing for a niche, you can apply your knowledge and designs skills to many other niches and target a different set of customers.

Possible Themes

We've compiled a list of several thousand different niches and themes that you can design for. The list is too long to post here, so we've put it into an excel spreadsheet that you can download here.

Here are some of the most popular niches that we've identified:

Top Niches

Weddings - (save the date, bachelor/bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, etc.)

Pets/Animals - (dog, cat, horse, monkey, etc.)

Hobbies - (collecting, gardening, surfing, fishing, etc.)

Sports - (football, soccer, baseball, hockey, etc.)

Holidays - (St. Patrick's Day, Talk like a Pirate day, Christmas, Valentine's Day)

Life Events - (Birth announcements, birthdays, graduation, baptism, anniversary)

Professions - (accountants, small business owner, doctor, lawyer, teacher)

Pop Culture (Check out the links below to see the hottest terms in pop culture)

Another great way to find design ideas is to look for other types of themed lists. Search for specific lists using Google, or check out Wikipedia's list of lists.