Tags are very important to making sure your products show up in the Zazzle marketplace as well as in search engine searches. There is a limit of 500 characters for all your tags combined on one product, but this should be enough to add plenty of relevant phrases that will help you to get sales. Here are some other suggestions to make sure you utilize tags to their fullest potential:

Power Tags - New!

Zazzle allows you pick and choose the tags you want to be considered for Zazzle site search. These tags are known as "Power Tags", and you can choose a maximum of 10 Power Tags among all your tags. For more information, please refer to the FAQ.

Here are some other suggestions to make sure you utilize tags to their fullest potential:

Do's and Don'ts

Do: Research what tags to use by performing Google searches and seeing what similar products are using.
Do: Use tags or keywords that are descriptive and specific to your product.
Do: Feel free to use multiple words or phrases. For example, enter "Golden State" for your California product.
Do: Enter variations of words such as singular and plural versions. For example, use both "child" and "children", or "flower" and "flowers".
Do: Be creative with your tags. For example, for an "Obama" product, use "Pro-Obama" and "Barack Obama".
Do: Use pro-topic and anti-topic words. For example, enter "drug free" or "anti drug" for your DARE product.
Do: Add relevant colors as tags only if it is a major buying decision. Pink wedding invitations are a great example of a product in which adding colors as tags will help.
Don't: Use tags or keywords that are irrelevant and have nothing to do with your design. This is considered tag spam and could cause your designs and products to appear in inappropriate search results, making it harder for your customers to find your designs and products.

The new user agreement will take effect on January 1st 2012. After this date, Zazzle will actively review sellers that partake in tag spam, and will take appropriate and serious action. This may lead to seller delisting, or even earnings getting revoked. Please refer to the updated user agreement for more details.

Here are some things to think about when deciding which tags and keywords to use for your product:

  • Subject of the design - flower, dog, sunshine
  • How did you create your design - photograph, painting, vector, drawing
  • Topic or theme of the design - retro, funny, political
  • Primary colors and patterns of the design - red, polka dots, ovals
  • Any text in the design - "I Love Texas"


What are Tags?

Tags are keywords that you assign to your products that help customers find your designs in the Zazzle Marketplace. Tags can be words that describe the design's subject matter, theme, concept, creation method, colors, text, and more.

How do I add a tag?

You can add a tag by simply typing in the tag name, and clicking on the "Add tag" button. You'll immediately see your tag listed below.

I have more than 1 tag for my product, how do I add them?

You enter multiple tags by using a comma separator and then select the "Add tag" button. For example, if your product contains an image of a funny labrador then you can enter the tags as follows: funny, dog, Labrador.

Can I use phrases as a tag?

Yes, and you need to put them in quotation marks - just separate the phrases by commas. Your phrases should not exceed 5 words. For example, if your product contains an image of the Golden gate bridge in San Francisco then you can enter the phrases as follows: "Golden gate bridge", "San Francisco".

Can I change tags once I add them?

Yes. You can edit and adjust your product tags as often as you'd like right from the product page. Once you've made a change, your new tags will soon be visible in the Marketplace search results.

How many tags are allowed?

A maximum of 40 tags are allowed.

Is there a minimum limit as well?

Yes, you are required to add at least 1 tag.

How does Zazzle use these tags? Does it consider all the tags?

Zazzle only considers the tags that are chosen as "Power Tags" for site search. You can choose up to a maximum of 10 power tags. The remaining tags will not be considered for Zazzle search, but are still important for external search engines such as Google.

What are power tags? And how many can I choose?

Power tags are tags chosen by you to be considered for Zazzle site search. You can choose up to a maximum of 10 power tags. Power tags are marked as blue.

How do I make a tag a power tag?

To make a tag a power tag, just click on the tag (it'll turn blue to indicate that it's a power tag). Clicking on the tag again will change it into an ordinary tag.

Are power tags different from the"First ten tags for site search" changes introduced a few months ago?

No, they are one and the same. With the introduction of power tags, we are providing you with greater flexibility and a much more refined interface to manage your tags.

I'm adding 10 tags to a new product; do I need to select every tag to make it a power tag?

No, as an added convenience Zazzle will automatically mark the first ten new tags (per product) as Power Tags.

What's the point of adding more than 10 tags?

Although Zazzle does not consider any tag after the first 10 for site search, the tags are still very important for external search engines.

How many tags will be displayed on the product details page?

All your tags (pertaining to the product) will be displayed on the product details page.

Are there any character or word limits for tags?

Yes, individual tags are required to have a minimum of 3 characters. And phrases can have a maximum of 5 words.

For example, the following tags are not valid do not adhere to the character and word limits: My, If, R, "San Francisco Bay Area Tennis Association".

On the other hand, the following tags are valid: "My Dog", "San Francisco Bay Area Tennis", "I heart u", cat

Is there a maximum character limit for tags?

Yes, the total character limit for all tags combined on one product is 500.

How do I delete a tag?

Once you move your mouse cursor over a tag, you will see an x button. Clicking on it will remove the tag.