Discover What Sells on Zazzle

There are many places on Zazzle that you can discover what products are selling well. Here are a few that you should definitely check out:

  1. Do a search for something on Zazzle – E.g, cycling, knitting, Obama, birthday invitations, girly iPhone cases, etc. The products that show up on the first page of any search are the most popular for that topic.
  2. Niche Design Tutorial – We created a tutorial in our Seller guides that has a spreadsheet of more topics and themes than you could imagine! It also highlights a few other sites that will give you ideas for various hobbies, holidays, events, and pop culture trends to inspire your designs.
  3. Bestsellers – Also visible on the Homepage below the “Trending Now” items, this is a list of the current bestsellers on Zazzle. Look at these products for not only WHAT they are designing, but also, how they are tagged and titled. Titles and Tags are extremely import to ensure that you product is visible to Zazzle customers and thus resulting in sales.
  4. Top Searches – This is also a feed that is updated on the Homepage that shows what the current top onsite searches are. This will give you some idea as to what Zazzle customers are currently looking for.
  5. Trending Now on the Homepage – On the left, you will first see a list of trending topics. If you click on a topic you will see all of the best and newest products created that fit these categories. Zazzle is always on top of trending and popular current events, so this is a good place to check for topical items.