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Spiritual Progression - Unveiling Your Higher Being What is the intention of Sending An Angel? To be able to recognize your higher being. It is not a state of conceit, when you speak of your higher being. Everyone who is presented an angel, will have the ability to connect and align with God. Seeing your Angel allows you to bring forth the energy that you too, can rise and accomplish your true purpose. Most do not see or know their higher being , except when we accomplish a great task. It is through this spectacular creation, that you can see your higher being and know who your are! When I was given this service, it was unveiled that I should create higher being angels, so that all who choose to know their purpose would be able to take this first step. Knowing your higher being connects you to the energy of the universe, so that you may move and create the purpose and service you were intended for. We are not here to live a stagnate life of nothingness. God has chosen each of us to deliver a certain service. Knowing your higher being will open the doors to the heavens, helping you on this journey here on earth. Each morning when you rise you will see your higher being and know that you are your truly here for a reason. When a higher being angel is created I am connected to gods energy, he is guiding me every step of the way. I do not take credit for these creations I am only here to send them fourth and present them to you.

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