Vermeer 2015 calendar
A Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window
A Lady Seated at the Virginal
A Lady Standing at the Virginal
A Lady Writing
A Woman Asleep
Allegory of Faith
Christ in the House of Mary & Martha
Diana and her Companions
Girl Interrupted at Her Music
Girl with a Pearl Earring
Girl with the Red Hat
Lady Writing a Letter
Mistress and Maid
Officer and Laughing Girl
Portrait of a Young Woman
Saint Praxedis
The Art of Painting
The Astronomer
The Concert
The Geographer
The Girl with the Wineglass
The Glass of Wine
The Guitar Player
The Lacemaker
The Little Street
The Loveletter
The Milkmaid
The Music Lesson
The Procuress
View of Delft
Woman Holding a Balance
Woman in Blue Reading a Letter
Woman with a Lute
Woman with a Pearl Necklace
Young Woman with a Water Pitcher

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