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The world is beautiful. This is my way of sharing it. I've loved capturing these moments in my camera. I hope you that if you decide to bring one of these into your home, or share it with a friend, that each item brings you as much pleasure.

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By Georgina Gomez, 3/25/2013 about
Thanks for stopping by my store. Love your designs!
"Thanks CharmaineZoe!"
By SilkenPhotography, 2/16/2013 about
I hhave a few new things up my sleeve, I hope I can keep the standard up :)
"Great store!"
By CharmaineZoe, 2/16/2013 about
Love your store and beautiful photography :-)
By BeastModeGymTankTops, 2/16/2013 about
sorry i stopped doing the squidoo lenses but you will be a nice addition to the collection at aj-network.com
"Thanks PianoPhantom!"
By SilkenPhotography, 2/6/2013 about
I'm not a sir, but I appreciate the bare heads! ;)
By PianoPhantom, 2/6/2013 about
Is the one word to describe your photography. Your page should definately have more likes. I am in aww sir. Hats off to you.
"Thanks S.Martin"
By SilkenPhotography, 4/15/2012 about
I am having fun! :)
By SilkenPhotography, 4/6/2012 about
Hi mixed world, thanks for the encouragement!
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