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Duck Farts, coated in a sylabic gravy, topped with a single sheet of graph paper, ripped up, dipped in 5 alarm hot sauce, and sprinkled delicately ontop.

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"Great artwork"
By Back_Stage, 9/15/2009 about
Love your style of art! Products look great, and gallery is awesome
By AR_Annahita, 4/23/2009 about
I like your gallery. Check out mine!!!
By homeruntilly, 4/7/2009 about
Hey dude, i think a loooong time ago i said something to you aboug wanting to buy one of your designs... Well today's the day! just thought i'd give you a heads up :) i'm buying your barcode design t-shirt. it looks great. good luck for the future, and thanks for designing wonderful shirts! -Tyler Woods
"excellent job!"
By giochbr, 1/31/2008 about
amazing designs! love them all!!! =D
"Kick ass designs they are :)"
By biss13, 1/26/2008 about
By SinsationalDesigns, 1/24/2008 about
You have a lot of nice designs! Great artwork :)
"Congrats on being a featured designer!"
By JessicaInSeattle, 1/23/2008 about
I second what tsumanibev said!
By tsunamibev, 1/22/2008 about
you are very talented...I'm pretty damn jealous actually....good luck!
By DonnaGrayson, 1/12/2008 about
Great gallery ! I like your ideas...
"cool designs...!!!"
By giskard, 1/10/2008 about
By LdeCassanth, 1/9/2008 about
Cool stuff, congrats on being a featured contributor. We're Joining your fan club!
"Fabulous GAllery"
By CowboyCraic, 1/4/2008 about
Makes me wish that my son hadn't given up on his artwork! I look forward to watching your gallery grow! Bright Blessings, Bit
By BengLim, 11/4/2007 about
Cool gallery!
"Beautiful gallery!"
By Lidusik, 11/2/2007 about
"Love it, Jacob!"
By hopefulone, 10/28/2007 about
Keep up the great designing! —Geri
By davidalmeda, 10/23/2007 about
Great stuff, I love them.....
"Nice work!"
By yanmos, 10/21/2007 about
By brobob64, 8/19/2007 about
that helps alot,..... thanx for the shirt comment to...
By brobob64, 8/18/2007 about
what photo editor do u use to make certain white spots show up on dark apparel????
"suit2 "
By brobob64, 8/16/2007 about
it's better
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