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random hodgepodge of the nifty and the witty.

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"Sup, hows life?"
By Nakila93, 4/3/2009 about
Love the "love is like a cold" sticker!
"Hey, "
By Nakila93, 1/8/2008 about
lol your dark side shirt is funny!
"Hey! i miss you!"
By Nakila93, 8/22/2007 about
talk to ya when you get back!
"Fun Gallery!"
By jojosstuff, 8/22/2007 about
Very creative. Lots of fun. .......also thanks for stopping by and checking out my gallery. I really appreciate it.
"Hey! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!"
By clarachandler, 8/1/2007 about
We actually DID pack up and move to California a few years ago... wasn't Beverly Hills, but I loved it just the same! LOL ~~CC
By KABSANNIE, 7/25/2007 about
You are welcome!
By HahpiStuff, 7/24/2007 about
Hey, thanks for your comment! :) Stop by anytime! :)
"Hey! your coming ome today"
By Nakila93, 7/23/2007 about
can't wait to see ya1
"LOL how r you?"
By Nakila93, 7/18/2007 about
Wahhhh i miss you
"Hi! this is ur dragon friend"
By Nakila93, 7/15/2007 about
Wazzzz up Orenda! love the cell phone bumper! HAHAHA WE TALK ON EVERY SITE WE GO ON! lol any way, ttyl, Nakila
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10 results