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The exploration of identity. The personification of soul. The purification of the body politic. The exploration of relationships be they between classes of people, genres of art, ideas and ideology. Inherent in that exploration is the quest for truth in the parade of isms. The visual aesthetic coupled with the social and psychological commentary of the human condition is the engine. A poignant example of evolution as portrayed through the mind and soul. To Infuriate, enlighten and inspire. A desire, to understand the enigma in the dichotomy of human compassion and apathy.

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"love your work"
By saytoons, 5/20/2010 about
The Quitessential Funk LP-was that image used for a complation CD? It looks familiar. Beautiful illustration style-love the way your rocking the Kehinde Riley approach to portraiture on some of you pieces. When will some of the images on your masthead become products? Best wishes. I'm a new fan.
"love it all"
By design912, 5/15/2010 about
I love the options here! I can't wait to rock the shoes and the hoodie - I know the next line of images will be just as wonderful....loving everything I see!
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2 results