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“I am pleasantly surprised by your speedy response to my issue. And even more pleased that I don't have to make a trip to the post office to return the item. I just wanted to share with you a little of my saga with the tee shirt... I needed to get a small gift for someone that I wished I was able to spend more on. It took me hours to decide on the tee!! As there are so many choices. I was really upset when I saw it. I never dreamed that you would give me a refund and I figured you would have said it was my fault. I was talking with my coworkers about it (I am a ER nurse and work with a lot of people.) They said if I have to swallow the cost, I should give the tee to a "regular" of ours in the ER who used to be a drummer but is now homeless. He is ALWAYS in the ER, especially on Christmas. They said just having drums on the shirt would be thrilling for him especially since even though he is homeless he likes to dress nice. When he has a nice outfit, he comes to show us!!!! Now I will wrap the faulty tee and put a tag on it saying it is from all of us. It will be too big, but he will see it as a personal gift because of the drums. I'm working 7am-7pm on Christmas day, and I know he will show up as usual. It will be so nice for all to give him the tee. I want to say thank you so much Zazzle. I am a huge fan of your site and have turned many people onto it through the years. I still have some things I need to get for the holidays & will be sure to visit Zazzle again. ”
— Dianne
“I wish I'd found this site years ago. I'll be using it for years.”
— Patty

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