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Aspen rose is my art gallery I make all my own pieces Please buy from me Links to aspen rose arts Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/wcharles622 https://www.facebook.com/zgaspenrose http://aspenrosearts.yolasite.com/ http://www.zazzle.com/aspenrosearts http://www.linkedin.com/in/wcharles622

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By jeanhar1, 2/22/2010 about
Great store! I'm a fan : )
By allicor, 2/4/2010 about
Best of luck am a fan
"A Very Merry Christmas Season to You & Your Family!!!"
By IsabelDC, 12/15/2009 about
By FarWidePhoto, 11/7/2009 about
You have a unique visual style that I really enjoy! Keep up the good work!
"Thank you so much for joining Awesome Zazzlers!"
By AwesomeZazzlers, 11/5/2009 about
I enjoyed browsing through your store and looking at your lovely work!! :)) Cheryl
"Thank You For Joining My Fan Club! I Came By To Return The Favor!"
By dchaddad, 10/25/2009 about
"Excellent gallery Win, your designs are outstanding !"
By Ratso59, 10/17/2009 about
By CaseyStudio, 7/9/2009 about
Is this you, Win Charles? Very nice gallery here. I wish you much luck with it. :)
By floraluniverses, 4/10/2009 about
Just want to whish you a very Happy Easter!
"Very Nice!"
By Stefanie_Rski, 4/9/2009 about
Love your Candy Skies! 5*
By AJsGraphics, 4/8/2009 about
Thank you for your comment on my business card. You have a great gallery!
By funoriginals, 4/6/2009 about
"Hi there... Thanks for joining my fan club"
By pooja1008, 4/6/2009 about
You've got a nice gallery ... lovely cool colors.. wish you best of luck on zazzle.
"Thank you for joining my fan club."
By SharonKMoore, 4/5/2009 about
You have a very colorful gallery. Good luck on Zazzle.
"Thank you for joining my fan club."
By HoodiesCollection, 4/2/2009 about
I enjoyed your gallery! Good luck! Cheers :)
By Mozaix, 4/1/2009 about
Thanks for your comments on my gallery. You have some really wonderful stuff here!
By zazzleproducts1, 4/1/2009 about
Nice gallery!
By LadyDenise, 3/31/2009 about
Love your products and color choices - so fresh and fun!!!
By bubbasbunkhouse, 3/31/2009 about
Great design wonderful gallery! I'm a fan!
"Thank you so much for joining my fan club!!"
By floraluniverses, 3/31/2009 about
I'm really glad you liked my tulips magnet. All the best :)
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