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I am often asked what the theme of my store is as I do have so many different designs online. Actually, it's pretty simple: Here, you will find everything that I enjoy - be it with our photos or with cool public domain pictures. My goal is to build a store that has the perfect gift for EVERYONE! If you can't find your desired product (mugs, posters, cases) with a design you like, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will create it ASAP for you!

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By darnell, 9/21/2013 about
Thanks for support .. Like Your Shop
By Smile District, 5/31/2013 about
Thank you for your support :) I liked your store as well. Cool designs!
By luke, 4/22/2013 about
Wow. You have some nice stuff there. Love that ferris wheel by the pier.
By Destiny, 12/12/2012 about
Beautiful Gallery, Your art & designs are very nice ♫•* Best wishes, Take Care ♫•*☆ ♫•*¨*•☆
"Thanks for the like"
By MK Hess Creative, 11/8/2012 about
Thank you for liking my store! You're the very first person to like it, and I really appreciate it.
By Alyssa Glosson, 11/2/2012 about
Thanks for liking my store! You have some really cool designs. I especially like the Super Prominence- Sun in Space design. Best wishes!
By Belinha Fernandes, 11/1/2012 about
Thansk for liking my store!
"Nice store"
By ByTheBecks, 10/30/2012 about
You have some really fun things here. Loved your "Missouri at night post cards" as well as your shots of wildlife. Thanks for liking my store, by the way. :)
"Vielen lieben Dank :)"
By cindyindybones, 10/18/2012 about
Vielen lieben Dank, Christine! :) Ich werde mir dein eBook anschauen! Mein Store hat eine eigene Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cindys-Adventure-Box/245433652226484) wo ich Produkte poste und natuerlich auch auf Twitter (cindyindybones). Habe mir gestern Pinterest und Reddit angeschaut. Zudem habe ich seit kurzem einen Photo Blog (www.cindysadventurebox.wordpress.com). Ich will es wirklich schaffen! :)
"Hi Christine :)"
By cindyindybones, 10/17/2012 about
I found you when I looked into promoting my zazzle store on reddit. I also read your article on Gather about helping other people promote their stores. I started my store back in July and I couldn't sell anything so far :*( So I wanted to ask if you could help me. Any advice will be greatly appreciated :) My store is www.zazzle.com/cindysadventurebox Thank you so much! PS: Are you from Germany? If yes, we could speak in German :) I'm from Switzerland, now living in the US
"Love your Store!"
By CharmaineZoe, 9/30/2012 about
I've enjoyed browsing your store, you have great products and images :-)
By Elsie Johnston Black, 9/8/2012 about
You have some very cool images and designs here!! Best wishes
"Hi Stiney1, Very nice to meet you, cool store, best of luck!"
By Ronspassionfordesign, 9/2/2012 about
I hope you have a great weekend! Ron
By Destiny, 8/25/2012 about
Your Gallery is Stunning =) `*•.¸☆`*•.¸☆ ¸.•*´`*•.¸¸.`*•.¸☆`*•.¸☆`*•.¸☆`*=)
By annpowellart, 7/9/2012 about
Hello from a new fan and fellow zazzler. Your store is lovely, like you flower designs! Thanks for visiting and liking mine.
By Sherry Ochoa-Rounkles, 6/14/2012 about
Hi from a fellow Zazzler and new fan. I like your store, especially the Adorable Animals!
"very nice"
By allicor, 6/13/2012 about
Love your products,wishing you many sales.
Thanks for liking my store dmorgajanonz zazzle - it's encouraging. Wanted to tell you too - love all of your building images - feel like I could walk inside many of them!
"Nice store!"
By smangieri, 6/7/2012 about
Nice store. Very good variety of items!
By Lisa Mcguire, 6/7/2012 about
Very nice store, with many pretty designs!!
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