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Greenwood, SC, United States
Store opened on 4/25/2010

Store Description

Yep, I'm a grandmother! I have two grown kids, and four grandchildren. We have been thru our share of skateboard, pipes, half-pipes, quarter-pipes, strunts, and broken arms! At one time when both of my kids were pre-teens, we had all of the stunt pipes in our backyard (we were the hit of the neighborhood). I LOVE graphic design, and wanted to apply some of my favorite graphics to skateboards, tee shirts, Pro-Ked shoes, and accessory products. I truly cannot think of a better way to stay young! My oldest grandson is already a skateboard enthusiast, and I am sure each of the younger ones will follow suit. Have fun, enjoy each day, be careful and visit my shop often to see what's new!

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