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Ron Cameron was back after a long restful six year retreat from "the industry" in Berkeley and Palm Springs, CA. back in 2002 when he re-launched his small 1991 skateboard company called STRIKE. He was also busy being one of three founding members of RVCA Clothing at that time. In the skateboard world he is known primarily as the artist for the awesomely retarded 80's skateboard company BLOCKHEAD; he then went on to create art for Acme, Grape Netwerk, World Industries, and Toy Machine to name a few. That six year constipation of creative ideas was unleashed in the form of STRIKE, and now "re-mixed" versions of those graphics will be available exclusively through ARTSPROJEKT. The concept is simple: huge non-sensical political statements mixed with good ol' Ron Cameron caricatures (such as the memorable "Nothing Is Cool"). This line will be reaction-ready and humorously stinging; says Ron: "It'll either scare the hell out of people or shock a smile, I don't care... I just hope it adds a little more fun to the skid scene [skateboarding], and gives pedestrians something to think about". A huge part of this skateboard line will be political statement bumper stickers and t-shirts. STRIKE SKIDS - Love it; hate it, or be confused by it!

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By genesissk8co, 2/11/2009 about
Kool Gallery! I started skating back in the Blockhead days. Me and my friends loved Blockhead. Great to see your back.
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