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BUY TODAY, the self-award winning 2014 STROLLER ECONOMICS calendar...see calendar below. 8 Reasons Why You Should—NO, MUST—Get buy several 2013 Stroller Economics Calendar: 1. More useful than a fortune cookie. 2. A gift for someone who has everything. 3. A prize for someone who had everything. 4. It will make a bad month good...and a good month great. 5. Visually useful in any language. 6. One step closer to world economic dominance. 7. Better accuracy than CNBC or the Feds. 8. Your business mentor. The above was created by the STROLLER ECONOMICS DOCTOR: Where Your Economic Questions Are Truthfully Answered By A Three-Year Old, As CNBC Gets It Wrong Every Day and [according to a Bloomberg Businessweek report] Ph.D. Economists At The Fed Are Stupid: see today http://bit.ly/PsEJaX STROLLER ECONOMICS is "Baby Sense Business Practices." Stroller Economics is for those who: (1) buy business books but do not read them; (2) buy business books, read them, but do not implement what they read; (3) buy the CliffsNotes version of the business books; and (4) mock those who buy business books.

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