About studio524: art and illustration

Bethlehem, PA, United States
Store opened on 2/19/2007

Store Description

Innovative and highly motivated, I am a self starter with an eye for detail, interested in freelance gigs as an illustrator and graphic designer, CAD artist or design assistant. Original illustrations, fabric designs, digitizing & repeating patterns, line sheets, and boards are my specialties. As an artist and illustrator, I work in various media, including the creation of digital graphics, acrylics, Conte Crayon, oil and dry pastels, charcoal and chalk. I like to think of my work as quirky - with a dark side - and I am always striving to push the viewer's imagination to the outer edges. Selections of my artwork, graphics, poetry, and short stories have appeared in various galleries and publications around the globe and across the WWW, and were most notably included in the 1999 Biennale del Arte Contemporania, held in Florence, Italy and the 1999-2001 MAC 21 International Art Exhibitions in Marbella, Spain. You'll find additional samples of my work at EBSQ art and iStockPhoto . If you like my work and are interested in hiring me, please send an initial email to studio_524@yahoo.com . Remember to include your complete contact information and the best time for me to call. A brief of your project needs would also be most helpful. I'll get back you, post haste.